Moving into international landscape: A brand new plan for BeFull Community

BeFull Community Fupin Linfinity Hong Kong Roundtable
BeFull Community Fupin Linfinity Hong Kong Roundtable


(China, 1 February 2019) Fupin Community, the first self-governed large scale community in China will officially be known as the BeFull Community or 币扶社区 in Chinese. This is part of a branding exercise for the company to move into international grounds. The official website for the community will be changed to This transition will be done by early March 2019.

“We want to be more international and reach out to more like minded people in the world to join our mission.” Vincent Cheung, Founder of the BeFull Community.

The mission and nature of business will remain the same. Right now, the operating team consists of more than 50 opinion leaders. Each member of the Befull Community is treated as a node and participates in various activities in the community. And each opinion leader is a super node, responsible for policy making and facilitating the community tasks.

The Executive Committee (EXCO) is responsible for maintaining the balance of interests, supervision of members, structuring contents, compliance and data collection. The community has a well-structured system and ecological model with more than 100,000 members and over 10,000 daily active users. Everyday, the opinion leaders promote the activities of the day in their own groups. Every week there are KPIs to review the contributions and outcomes of each group. And every month, there are group EXCO meetings to discuss and make important decisions and set goals ahead. Every decision is-determined by the members openly and decided by the core team. In such a tightly structured organization, BeFull Community is enjoying fast growth and showing potential of a bigger success.

Despite the success of the self-run model for the community, BeFull is not complacent. They will not just stop as this stage and would want to strive harder to create more value of economy. In the past six months, they have cooperated with more than 10 blockchain projects, over 500,000 of new users and more than 10 million of traffic to the projects. The community members also are rewarded with about RMB 5 million worth of tokens as part of their participation.


(Source: Screen shots of the Befull.App)

In 2019, BeFull has new plans. They will start by creating more value for both the projects and community members, they will be launching BeFull App ( in mid-February. This App will act as a social network platform and will be a decentralized, giving the community a sense of belonging, freedom, trust and convenience. Members will share their time, knowledge, and experiences to strengthen the community, thereby converting their knowledge from digital assets into streams of income. The App will be interactive and members will spend more time and attention to their tasks available and thus creating a demand for new tasks and a need for new supplies of projects. In addition, BeFull will also be launching a wealth management fund combined with a wallet and 10% of the proceeds will be used for charitable purposes.

“Let’s do it together to create a brand new world of blockchain community at BeFull” Vincent exclaimed.

BeFull will combine both online and offline activities and also get more traditional businesses involved in their mission. As the community is growing and members are spread throughout China, the EXCO has also decided to roll out a country partnership program to help them better manage the community businesses by carrying out tasks and promotional activities specially catered to each country. This will also allow the leaders to better manage their members both online and offline, giving them more autonomy to run the community more effectively and create more business opportunities. Linking the blockchain virtual market to the real physical business is a milestone to be achieved in 2019.

The true value of a blockchain community can clearly be shown in BeFull. They share their resources, educate members, create trust between members and projects and promote real usage of the tokens.


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