#OneConnect executive Hannah Qiu highlights the role of technology in improving efficiency and fairness at the #Bloomberg Asean Business Summit


SHENZHEN, China, June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Bloomberg Asean Business Summit was held in Bangkok, Thailand on June 21. Hannah Qiu, Co-General Manager of Ping An OneConnect, participated in the Digital Economy-themed roundtable session during the event, discussing how Southeast Asia can take advantage of the digital transformation taking place within the world’s financial institutions and the booming fintech sector, and, in doing so, achieve new breakthroughs in the digital economy.

The event brought together influencers from different backgrounds spanning the worlds of politics and business across Southeast Asia, including policymakers, business leaders and financial executives, to identify how to create greater values in terms of trade, commerce and finance as well as across other sectors. H.E. Prayuth Chan-Ocha, Prime Minister of Thailandand Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia spoke at the conference. Ms. Qiu; Kitti Sutthiatthasil, Executive Vice President of the Stock Exchange of Thailand; and Ruangroj (Krating) Poonpol, Chairman of Kasikorn Business Technology Group (KBTG), discussed on the panel the prospects for Southeast’s digital economy.

Ms. Qiu, based on OneConnect’s extensive experience, shared her opinions on fintech’s important role in boosting the quality of financial services and the productivity among financial practitioners. By combining cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence and big data with retail banking processes, for example, in the off-line marketing scenarios at banking outlets, fintech can help banking employees enhance their understanding of customers’ off-line activities and provide personalized products to customers. An account manager can achieve an exponential growth in the number of customers with the help of online social marketing tools.

Fintech is a huge contributor to advocating fairness across the financial services industry and promoting inclusive finance, added Ms. Qiu. OneConnect has undertaken a great effort in intelligent risk control. The firm identifies and warns of fraud risks via tools such as anti-fraud decision engines and knowledge graphs, improving the competence of financial institutions when it comes to risk control, while enhancing the efficiency of online-lending services. With AI technology, financial institutions can not only identify risks and determine risk-based pricing more accurately, but also, with the enhanced competence in risk control, provide stronger support for small and micro businesses.

Ms. Qiu added that it behooves financial institutions across Southeastern Asia to enhance their cooperation with high-tech firms in a move to grasp opportunities in the digital economy era, as digital transformation means higher demand for working capital and talents.

OneConnect has established a strong presence in Southeastern Asian countries, most notably in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singaporeand Thailand. After setting up a subsidiary in Singapore last year, the firm now has over 100 local employees in the country. It also set up a subsidiary in Indonesia this February. OneConnect has tailor-made over ten categories of products for overseas markets, including intelligent certification, intelligent marketing tools, blockchain-based supply chains and a financing platform for trade. Looking forward, the firm plans to continue focusing on product localization, optimization of product lines and establishment of a financial ecosystem across Southeast Asia.

Ping An OneConnect Co-General Manager Hannah Qiu giving a brief presentation on OneConnect’s international presence during her interview with Bloomberg: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2019-06-21/ping-an-oneconnect-s-business-strategies-in-southeast-asia-video

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