#Primpy, Technically Reinventing the Experience of Fashion


SINGAPORE, July 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Primpy was developed as a response to the problems that have risen in fashion, retail, influencer and online shopping sectors in the recent period of time.

Our primary task is to offer the most significant decentralised fashion ecosystem in the world, which will help everyday shoppers with what they need, and give even the smallest sellers the spotlight they crave.

Primpy is a global-wide platform that changes the relationship between consumers, service providers and shops. It is a closed loop, where each action benefits all users, and where users are 100% sure that the things they are sharing, buying and selling are 100% genuine.

The fashion industry is vast and comprised a total revenue of $2.4 trillion in 2016, combined with the $2.3 trillion revenue in ecommerce for 2017 with a forecast of growth to $4.5 trillion by 2021.

The industry has a lot of potential and Primpy is here to lead with their fashion platform.

What is the problem that Primpy is solving?

Established big brands are expanding at an alarming rate, but with this, so is the fake product market. Fashion has fallen behind when it comes to technology because, very simply, it’s an industry that is slow to move and has a lot of moving parts.

How will Primpy solve this problem?

Primpy’s new user-generated digital economy changes the relationship between consumers, service providers, and retailers by connecting them all in a closed-loop global platform where each action benefits all users.

Consumers can find the products they love faster, service providers can showcase what they are offering to the platform community and retailers can engage with their customers and expand their reach.

Primpy has been built around a few key features which lift the platform above the noise and bring a unique perspective toward the fashion industry.

Their future roadmap looks promising as well with features and blockchain integration built into the platform to set itself apart and stand above the noise.

Some of the future features and functionalities that they will be introducing are:

  • Non-fungible tokens
  • Bounty program
  • Automated content-generation feed

Of course you can also look at the animated explainer below to get a good feel for what the platform can do for you.

Watch Video Here

Blockchain is a technology that will shape our future. Transparency, equality and decentralised cryptocurrencies are a part of the blockchain technology that will allow us to create plenty of solutions that will ease our everyday life. We believe Primpy will become one of those products.

Primpy’s achievements showcase the interest in the market for a platform of its ambition. Primpy has amassed an impressive project with a platform that has:

  • $3.7M Funds Raised
  • 20k+ Monthly Active Users
  • 50 Shops signed a Letter of Intent
  • A community of 16k+ users

They are currently running their IEO so don’t miss the next big thing!

The MVP for the platform can be found on their website, primpy.com and all the accompanying documentation about the project can be found on their IEO, primpy.io website.

For more information, email invest@primpy.io

For PR and other info, email William@primpy.io

*** Primpy currently DOES NOT accept investments from US Citizens

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Primpy Private Sale is LIVE

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