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Cyber Security for Companies
Justin Daniels
Cyber Drill Founder & Cyberlaw Attorney
Baker Donelson
“Just as an airline pilot goes through a checklist before taking off, companies should have prearranged plans of their own in case of a security breach.”
Justin is a cybersecurity thought leader who believes cybersecurity is a strategic business enterprise risk. Daniels has extensive blockchain experience as general counsel to one of the largest enterprise data centers in the country dedicated to the development of blockchain technologies. He also speaks regularly on topics that include cybersecurity, blockchain, and AI.
In 2015, Daniels founded Cybercon, a cyber conference that brings together leaders from business, government and academia to discuss the evolving cybersecurity landscape. He founded and leads Atlanta Cyber Week ( where Cybercon anchors 11 events attracting more than 1,000 attendees from five countries. Additionally, Daniels created the Cyber Drill Experience, an industry specific cyber breach incident response exercise, geared for the C-suite, that identifies and addresses gaps with cybersecurity issues. A sought after speaker, Daniels has given the Ted Talk “Why You Hold the Key to Cybersecurity,” and has been featured at Secureworld, WBR Retail Finance Connect, Accounting and Finance Show in Georgia, Colorado, New York, Florida, the UK and Israel. A graduate of Virginia Techand Duquesne University, Daniels has recently completed a Harvard course entitled “Cybersecurity: Managing Risk in the Information Age and the MIT Sloan School of Managementcourse entitled “Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application.”
Contact: Rachel Jimenez,

Cyber Privacy Compliance
Jodi Daniels
Certified Informational Privacy Professional
Red Clover Advisors
“Global privacy compliance especially under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should be a key priority for organizations today. Understanding how to start complying with privacy laws, building a sustainable foundation, and extracting value through good privacy practices are essential especially for small and middle market businesses. Our partnership with OneTrust enhances the services we provide to our clients.”
Daniels has been featured in CIO and ITSP Magazine and a key speaker at EIQ – The Intelligence Email Gathering Conference, Digital Analytics Association, Atlanta Compliance & Ethics Roundtable (GDPR & Data Ethics), Wireless Technology Forum, AIMA (Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association), Atlanta Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech, Emory University, State Bar of Georgia and more.
Contact: Rachel Jimenez,


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