Six Crypto Heavyweights Including Lasse Clausen, Founder of 1kx Have Confirmed Their Attendance at the Proof of VALUE Conference 2019


The Proof of VALUE Conference 2019 will be held in Shanghai from December 6th to 7th, 2019. The conference will invite technology leaders, senior developers, top projects and members of the global ecosystem at the blockchain industry from home and abroad.

At present, six heavyweight guests have confirmed their presence: Lasse Clausen, founder of crypto venture 1kx, Chris McCann, general partner of Proof of Capital, Jamie Burke, founder and CEO of Outlier Ventures, Matthew Spoke, founder of Aion, Jack Lü, CEO of Wanchain, and Matan Field, CEO of DAOstack.

The Proof of VALUE Conference 2019 will be launched by ChainNews, China’s leading blockchain and FinTech media, and The Blockchainer, blockchain head consultancy. The world’s top blockchain technology pioneers, preachers and creators, with China’s leading BUIDLers and developers in the blockchain industry, will meet in Shanghai, to build a platform for the full integration of China’sblockchain industry and global communities.

“Value” and “Value Capture” are controversial topics that are discussed repeatedly in the blockchain industry. At the Proof of VALUE Conference 2019, China’s blockchain community will communicate with the global blockchain ecosystem to discover value together; at the Proof of VALUE Conference 2019, the BUIDLers of the blockchain world will work together to create the upcoming value of the Internet of Value era .

From the birth of the first block of Bitcoin – the genesis block, the blockchain industry has grown for more than ten years. From the first edition of the Ethereum white paper written by Vitalik, the industry has grown for nearly six years. What is the future of the blockchain industry? Let’s wait and see what will happen at the Proof of VALUE Conference 2019.

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