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Stone Door Group, a solutions integrator that partners with enterprises to accelerate transformation to modern DevOps, today unveiled its lineup of speakers and presenters for The Open Source Summit which will take place Aug. 21 – 23, 2019 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront in San Diego.

Organized by The Linux Foundation Events, the Summit will bring together technologists and business leaders of the open source ecosystem, a unique environment for cross-collaboration between developers, sysadmins, DevOps, architects and others who are driving technology forward.

Stone Door Group’s speakers are:

  • Tim Garlick, Senior Consultant, will speak on ‘Security in The Cloud’. He will be delving into the issues surrounding cloud optimization and security for the enterprise. Mr Garlick will also cover cloud models vs the datacenter, the STRIDE Threat Model and the Cloud Security Alliance’s ‘Treacherous Twelve’ in the cloud. As a senior consultant with the Stone Door group, he currently focuses on Docker and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) consulting and training.
  • Ken Archer, Senior Instructor, who will address the topic, ‘What is The Cloud?’ Mr. Archer will talk about how virtualization has made the cloud possible, cloud models and characteristics and cloud migration challenges. His session will also include a look at cloud providers and service offerings. An industry veteran who has consulted and trained on various automated and network systems for over 25 years, Mr. Archer currently works with Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, Windows and cloud technologies.
  • Mike McDonough, Principal Cloud Architect will be providing an introduction to serverless computing. He will discuss serverless application design, impact of serverless computing on IT operations, and serverless platform options. The hands-on lab will allow attendees to deploy their first serverless application. With over 20 years of experience in systems engineering, solution architecture, and technical services roles, Mr. McDonough currently consults with enterprise IT organizations on advanced infrastructure and information security topics with a focus on cloud and emerging technology.

Open Source Summit is the leading conference for developers, DevOps professionals, architects and other technologists – along with open source community and industry leaders – to collaborate, share information, learn about the latest technologies and gain a competitive advantage by using innovative open solutions. The event covers cornerstone open source technologies like Linux and Kubernetes, along with other cloud infrastructure and cloud native applications, AI, blockchain, networking and more.

Stone Door Group’s Founding Partner, Darren Hoch explains, “We are delighted to be participating in Open Source Summit, which is the leading conference for developers, DevOps professionals, and architects. We are thought leaders in helping companies collaborate, share information and gain a competitive advantage by using innovative open solutions.”

According to a recent Forrester Research report, open source now comprises 80% – 90% of the code in a typical application. Open source software has proven itself to be innovative and agile and able to meet industry needs as requirements arise, and today has established itself as the go-to-technology approach for building new products.

Mr. Hoch adds, “We expect that almost all new innovations going forward will be based on open source software.”

In all, the Summit will feature more than 300 sessions, lightning talks, tutorials, workshops, labs and a host of co-located events. Topics will revolve around artificial intelligence, Kubernetes, DevOps, challenges of containers, cyber security and tools for building an open source community.

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Charlie McCarthy
Head of Product Marketing
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Stone Door Group® modernizes the digital enterprise through skilled DevOps and Hybrid Cloud professional services. We make it easy to quickly access and deploy DevOps solutions to transform your business and provide certified consultants and instructors to deliver your projects.

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