Sun Seven Stars adds Silicon Valley Mogul Steven Hoffman, bolsters opportunities for Ideanomics


NEW YORK, May 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Bruno Wu’s Sun Seven Stars has announced that its Seven Stars Innovative Industries Group has established a relationship with renowned Godfather of Silicon Valley venture investments Steve Hoffman. Often referred to as “Captain Hoff,” he is the CEO of Founders Space, one of the most successful technology incubators in the world and ranked number 1 by Forbes, he’s also an angel investor, limited partner at August Capital, serial entrepreneur, and author of Make Elephants Fly, the award-winning book on radical innovation.

As a Strategic Advisor of SSIIG, Hoffman plans to cooperate in the industrial parks of the SSIIG, with the objective of providing coaching and mentorship to approximately 1,000 innovative companies to take them public with the support of Founders Space and Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX). More than 70 of these companies have already received direct investments from SSIIG.

Founder Space is Forbes magazine’s number one entrepreneurial incubator and its founder, Steven Hoffman, has a reputation as one of the most successful investors and mentors to innovative companies. Mr. Hoffman, having directly coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and business executives in how to successfully foster innovation, has always focused on global resource connectivity and integration as part of his formula for success.

As part of his appointment as Strategic Advisor to SSIIG, Founders Space and SSIIG agreed a strategic cooperation. Ideanomics will benefit from providing advisory services to the companies operating within SSIIG innovation parks and will include its planned fintech village in West Hartford, Connecticut in these activities.

The combined expertise of Founders Space, Seven Stars Innovative Industries, and Ideanomics will serve approximately 1,000 innovative technology companies in nearly 10 innovative industrial parks in the United Statesand Asia, providing mentoring and industry guidance, strategic investment, and capital market access.

“The vision is to find innovative companies with unlimited potential from U.S., Asia, and Israel, making them the global leader in their field. When I met the outstanding management team of SSIIG, I realized that I had found the perfect partner for fostering innovation on a global scale. I believe that SSIIG can help unlock access to more suitable companies and empower them,” said Steve Hoffman, CEO of Founder Space and Strategic Adviser to Seven Stars Innovative Industries Group.

“We are very honored that Mr. Hoffman has teamed up with Seven Stars Innovative Industries Group. To have someone of his caliber and track-record on board to help more high-potential Chinese companies grow and achieve a successful outcome through acquisition, IPO, or other opportunities is very exciting,” said Adam Zhu, CEO of SSIIG, a subsidiary of Sun Seven Stars Investment Group.

“Seven Stars Innovative Industries Group currently operates innovative technology parks in China and the ASEAN region, and will expand its footprint to include Israel and the United States. Since the beginning of the year, we have been able to lock-in a large number of high-quality technology enterprises through investment, acquisition, and in-depth cooperation with technology parks across the world. We will provide a range of services to these high-potential technology companies through SSIIG, its strategic partnership with Founds Space, and Ideanomics. These services, including IPO and M&A advisory services, will provide a complete value chain to these companies as they mature. We’re delighted to have Steve working with us, as his experience, reputation, and infectious enthusiasm for innovation and technology will help take fast-maturing innovative technology companies to another level, said Bruno Wu, Chairman of both Ideanomics and Sun Seven Stars.

About Sun Seven Stars
Bruno Wu is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Sun Seven Stars Media Group Limited, one of the biggest private media and investment conglomerates in China. Its predecessor is Sun Media Group Holdings Limited, which was established by Bruno Wu and Yang Lan in 1999 and became one of the leading entertainment, media and investment companies in Asia after 10 years of growth. Sun Seven Stars Media Group Limited now has 7 business units including Seven Stars Innovative Industries Group, Sun Media Group, Sun Seven Stars Culture Group, Sun Medical Group, Sun Art Group, Sun Medical Group and more. It has a presence in over ten major cities in the world including: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hong Kong, New York, LA, Paris, London, Toronto, Seoul and Scandinavia countries.

About Founders Space
Founders Space is your gateway to Silicon Valley. We offer startup training and corporate innovation programs, as well as tours & seminars on the latest tech and investment trends. Our clients include startups, governments, universities, and Fortune 100 companies. Contact us to collaborate.

Founders Space is a leading global incubator and accelerator. With over 50 partners in 22 countries, we’ve built an international community of startups. Founders Space is ranked the #1 Accelerator for overseas startups in both Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine.

About Ideanomics
Ideanomics is a global Fintech and AI catalyst for transformative industries. Ideanomics combines deal origination and enablement with the application of blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies as part of the next-generation of financial services. It derives revenues from three core areas of activity: AI licensing and development, Advisory Services for disruptive industries including Cleantech EVs, and Asset Management.

The company is headquartered in New York, NY, and has offices in Beijing, China. It also has a planned global center for Technology and Innovation in West Hartford, CT, named Fintech Village.

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