TokenSoft Announces Support for Blockstream’s Liquid Network


SAN FRANCISCO, May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — TokenSoft, Inc., a leading digital asset issuance and management platform, today announced that it officially supports projects using Blockstream’s Liquid Network. TokenSoft can now support issuers of digital securities on Liquid and is working closely with Blockstream for the development and integration of future collaborative projects.

“We’re excited that Liquid brings a much-needed, robust and scalable blockchain solution to the digital securities landscape,” said Mason Borda, CEO of TokenSoft. “Together, TokenSoft and the Liquid Securities platform can provide a strong foundation to a growing market. We look forward to supporting the Liquid Securities APIs.”

TokenSoft is one of a limited set of partners for Blockstream’s new Liquid Securities platform, the first Liquid-based product to be launched by Blockstream.

TokenSoft looks forward to enabling institutional adoption on Liquid Securities by providing the following services to the market:

  • International Compliance Support – TokenSoft has experience providing compliance support for banking, securities, and tax regulations in up to 56 countries.
  • Security-First Approach – TokenSoft was the first company to bring multi-signature cold storage technology to digital securities. Every piece of infrastructure is designed with a security-first mindset.
  • Experience – With over 20 years of combined experience in blockchain technology, the TokenSoft team has the knowledge to support your digital security strategy today and as the landscape evolves in the future.

The Liquid Securities API provides much-needed features to bring digital securities into the institutional mainstream:

  • Ease of Administration – The Liquid Securities APIs provide a simplified interface for undertaking common functions associated with administering securities.
  • Privacy – A commonly requested feature with institutions, the Liquid Network enables confidential transactions. This allows for transactions to occur without disclosing positions to the broader markets.
  • Lower Development Threshold – While other blockchain platforms have required TokenSoft to build all the necessary infrastructure from scratch, the Liquid Securities API enables the necessary functionality out of the box and is simple to integrate into the associated infrastructure.

About TokenSoft
TokenSoft offers institutional-grade compliance solutions for blockchain-based securities. TokenSoft helps clients launch and manage asset-backed tokens and digital securities on the blockchain in a compliant and secure manner, regardless of jurisdiction. The TokenSoft process and suite of solutions cover the entire lifecycle of a digital asset, including onboarding, issuance, custody, and ongoing administration.

SOURCE TokenSoft, Inc.

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