Trade in Crypto and Earn in Fiat – Get STC Now!


It is very important for traders to have an efficient and user-friendly software that allows them to trade easily without any problems. The users can be newcomers as well as experienced traders. The Smart Trade Solution Trading System makes easier for both levels of users to trade and simultaneously learn to trade.

The Smart Trade Solutions Trading System comes with features of fully automated trading and enables intelligent trading. They vision to develop the largest community of traders in the cryptocurrency market by encouraging normal, non-technical users who want to invest and trade in cryptocurrencies. All you need is PC and an internet connection to use this new trading software.

This is a newly developed software trading system that makes convenient for the traders to do trading on most important cryptocurrency exchanges in the world e.g Binance, OKEx, Huobi, Bifinex, Upbit, Bithumb, Coinbase, kraken etc. This software allows you to monitor Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash and many other cryptocurrencies – It also lets the buyers buy selected cryptocurrencies, if relevant prices are found by the software system and is full filled by the market.

It is user-friendly and allows configuration by each individual user without having any prior Knowledge. The configuration makes the trade more profitable and reduces the risk rate. Users can gain much profit having prior knowledge of which cryptocurrency they want to trade. All related exchanges must be monitored. Pricing ranges should be relevant for triggering sales and purchases. User must know the amount he is willing to pay for the purchasing and selling of cryptocurrencies. There are numerous features available in the Smart Trade Solutions Trading System. It is fully automated and trading can happen round the clock according to their configuration respectively.

Smart trade coin is based on four major pillars – Active investment, fiat investment, Access to Exchanges, and Smart Trade Coin platform. This will allow traders and ordinary users to trade on major exchanges without expertise in the domain which, in turn, will help them in improving their own investment strategies, coordinate their actions, and communicate in internal forums.

The goal is to build an ecosystem that will provide the users with all the commercial and communication functions available in the software. This platform will allow you to download all the extensions. It aims to create an effective environment for trading in largest decentralized crypto trading community which is currently in the development phase by Smart Trade Coin Platform. If you thought trading is only meant for traders – it’s not!

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