US Cryptocurrency Exchange Gemini Lists FTM as Fantom Continues Exponential Growth


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One of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges has listed Fantom as the blockchain platform and it’s native token continues to grow its footprint across the globe. Gemini is the first US exchange to list FTM, allowing millions of blockchain enthusiasts from the US to buy and trade Fantom.

New York, NY, June 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fantom is a blockchain platform that is leading the world in terms of speed, price and energy efficiency compared to some of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies, raising the eyebrows of industry leaders across the sector.

Fantom sees thousands of users utilising the platform daily for a variety of purposes, including information security and crypto-currency transactions, including those with Fantom’s native token $FTM. With this new listing, Fantom’s adoption is expected to grow further as the US market plays a key role in cryptocurrency adoption.

The platform offers the ability for transactions to be completed within one second at a fraction of the cost of comparable platforms. Fantom is also focused on scalability, as well as utilising a secure smart-contract platform, specially designed to overcome the limitations of previous generation blockchain platforms.

The platform is also fully EVM compatible, giving developers the ability to deploy smart contracts just like on other platforms such as Ethereum.

All of these factors have led to Fantom drawing the attention of Gemini – the world’s leading crypto currency exchange.  Gemini allows customers to buy, sell and store digital assets, and is highly reputable and trusted by both small and larger scale crypto traders.

The platform has now listed Fantom, opening up the token to a whole new world of investors who otherwise haven’t yet made the call to invest. 

Being a US-based exchange, Fantom’s listing on the platform now opens up the opportunity for investment by US-based crypto enthusiasts and large-scale investors alike, both of which now have much easier accessibility to the token.

The US is a financial powerhouse when it comes to cryptocurrency, with a recent survey showing more than 6 per cent of Americans have financial interests in crypto.

That puts the US behind only China when it comes to cryptocurrency investment, which needless to say, opens up a world of opportunity for Fantom. 

And investment in Fantom is paying off for those who’ve made the call to get in on the action.

Since the beginning of 2021, Fantom’s native token has seen some of the most significant growth of any new cryptocurrency. The platform sees an average of around 500,000 transactions every day – a substantial jump on the average of 10-15,000 transactions per day seen at the beginning of April.

Last month, Fantom officially hit a total of ten million transactions, a far cry from the platform’s total of 3 million transaction milestones reached only weeks prior to that. And as it currently sits, Fantom is holding up well compared to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which experienced a major dip in recent weeks. 

As well as developing further relationships with those in the crypto world, Fantom is also seeing success in utilising it’s platform for other purposes, including partnering with governments across the globe. 

Earlier this year Fantom signed agreements and memorandums of understanding with the governments and associated departments of the nations of Tajikistan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

These various agreements will see Fantom used for a variety of purposes from managing data at a Pakistani prison to implementing a blockchain platform to oversee an upgrade of the Afghani qualifications authority. 

Fantom also continues to develop relationships with independent developers, having given grants to SpiritSwap and SpookySwap in recent weeks as a thank-you for ongoing support. ZooCoin and HyperJump also received grants from the company.

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