Why the Crypto-Users Will Prefer Skip Steps and Jump Directly into Counos


The promising peer-to-peer platform Counts, set to be launched in January 2019, could become one of the most outstanding financial tools in blockchain’s landscape, as expected to eliminate the limitations imposed by the centralized sector and volatility.

Vitznau, Switzerland. – The currently leading cryptocurrencies -whose price has failed in recent months- could have in Counos a dangerous contender, about to make its way straight to the top of the industry. Thanks to a diversified value, and a community-driven philosophy, this blockchain financial environment presents a fresh and “genuinely decentralized” prospect that improves standards such as privacy, security, and transparency.

Registered at the beginning of 2018 and backed by years of effort from a team of expert developers, financiers and advisers, Counos matches “the best of both worlds” by combining its liquid assets with the Swiss bank to provide native anti-volatile currencies, adaptable and equivalent to every need and region: Counos Coin, Counos Silver, Counos Gold, Counos Cash, among others.

With this, the enterprise aims to bring more ease for the businesspeople to sell their goods and service through a stable virtual capital. Also, as part of an educational campaign on its system, spokespersons confirmed to the press that the platform will have a better and faster transaction system, along with and accessibility through to a wallet available in different formats – PC and mobile.

About Counos

Developed under the seal of the company CSC Int. Limited, Counos emerges as a response to the lack of versatility and utility within the virtual financial landscape, and the archaic concepts of the conventional sector of the industry that refuses to evolve and join the crypto.

As stated on its official website, the primary goal of Counos is to encourage a massive and convenient adoption. In this context, the community of crypto enthusiasts around the world can take advantage of a peer-to-peer environment for the direct exchange that exceeds in flexibility and scope fiat services such as Western Union, while also allowing to make your payments and purchases online supported by a public ledger.

The most famous investment risks today

According to Forbes, although the market is moving towards greater adoption of the blockchain, the leaders keep on giving ground. Ripple (XRP / USD), which was initially more stable, went bankrupt at $ 0.41; later, Bitcoin fell below the barrier $ 3800.

Meanwhile, the value of Ethereum – which has also had a very difficult 2018 – is directly related to the number of people or companies that are willing to accept it, so the subdivision of currencies and projects that share the ERC20 protocol – or derivatives – currently lack guarantees.

Given these examples, a decentralized concept established by Counos could redirect the market trends. The Swiss proposal resorts to finite mining and the equivalence in investment in banks and currencies like Swiss franc; all this without compromising users.

Anti-inflationary currencies and operation

After its official announcement in July, the coin catalog went through a new expansion, now also with subsets aimed at the most crucial markets in the world. As mentioned above, each has a limited supply of 21,000,000.

The total set is summarized as follows: Counts Coin, Counos Cash (equivalent to 20 Swiss francs), Counos Gold (equal to one gram of gold Coin in Swiss Box), Counos Silver, Counos E (founded and equivalent to 100 Euros), Counos U (equivalent to US $ 100) and Counos CAD (100 CADs)

Timestamp server and PoW

Thanks to the timestamp server, the system of Counos takes a single block from a hash of timestamp records and publishes it widely. On the other hand, the proof-of-work, a mathematical algorithm that shows that a transaction took place at a predetermined time, offers the required security mechanism to both the receiver and the sender track their respective transactions.

Additionally, the transactions take a record time of 2 minutes to be verified. Counos currencies are expected to eliminate the barriers between conventional and digital commerce, according to Yahoo! Finances.

Market projections

The Counos community promises utility and value to both the largest corporate and individual clients, helping them to structure and market with the crypto-wallet, which will also have storage online (cold storage)

For more information, enter Couno’s official website: https://counos.io

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