YAO Network: An Outlier Set to Disrupt the Blockchain Status Quo


SINGAPORE, July 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — While others are contented with the current Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) market, one outlier has seek to disrupt the status quo and offer a next-generation public infrastructure. YAO Network, a universal wing of the future decentralized ecosystem, has sought to design its platform based on the principles of blockchain 3.0 to usher in a new era of BaaS.

The figure below illustrates the system structure of the YAO Network.

With the continuous development of blockchain technology and its expansion comes an increasing demand for a centralized network to be able to host multiple blockchains that can support and integrate various communities and commercial applications while maintaining high scalability and performance. Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) as what it is referred to, was first made popular through tech giants such as Microsoft and IBM. However, current BaaS platforms appear to be largely scattered with most tech communities sporadically distributed across the globe.

YAO Network recognised the need for a centralized platform offering these decentralized blockchains to draw tech communities and commercial clients together. Hence, the YAO Network platform has designed a platform that will accelerate the rapid and sustainable development of blockchain infrastructure through reasonable and complete governance, and an incentive mechanism.

Unlike most BaaS platforms that can work on only one or a few blockchains, the YAO Network is built to serve community developers and framework suppliers of multiple blockchains. The platform applies topology and orchestration techniques to guarantee self-adaptive access and constant upgrades in the blockchain platform. With a robust architecture to incubate more technical innovations and cultivate a thriving ecosystem, YAO Network has a cutting edge advantage over most by offering enterprise blockchain solutions via a simple click on their interface.

1. Building / Accessing Blockchain Network Within Seconds

By integrating cloud resources and using BuildPack, a declarative programming technology, YAO Network deploys services on the cloud and realizes the self-adaptive matching of tools for different blockchain network and access strategies, supporting both public and consortium blockchains.

In terms of public blockchain, YAO Network will provide network testing and access to main network within mere seconds. As for consortium blockchain and private blockchains, YAO Network aims to provide fast and flexible network building capacities. Interested enterprises can then visit major blockchain providers through a visualised and user-friendly interface and choose the right blockchain network for their decentralised applications.

2. Yaolet Technological Component

Developers have specific demands when developing upper-layer applications depending on various business scenarios, such as data sharing and contract calling across different blockchain networks. To resolve the above issues and ensure a seamless user experience, the YAO Network has integrated the vast series of functions needed to assist in application development into plug-and-play technological modules for developers’ use on demand – these modules are alternatively known as the Yaolet.

As an elementary unit of decentralized application, Yaolet supports decentralized computing.  Based on its underlying framework of decentralization, Yaolet can scale up its capability for commercial application to better match the technological requirements of such applications. Examples of Yaolet cases include IBC, oracles, DID, SMC and zero-knowledge proof among others. Utilizing these technology modules, developers can flexibly design blockchain applications and services to adapt to the different business scenarios based on their needs. At the same time, developers on the YAO Network can utilise the tools available to design solutions for companies and firms that are looking to conduct business communication or any other services. These solutions can be customized on the platform following order confirmation.

3. An Open Blockchain Service Market

With Yaolets, the YAO Network is able to serve as a cloud service market, integrating the full process data and business capabilities from project preparation to landing. It also provides developers with massive scalable services and a one-stop operating hub for blockchain products and services including development, promotion and sales.

These product services can be applied to various business scenarios such as storage and authentication, traceability, finance, and gaming to meet the actual business needs of enterprises across various industries. It also effectively facilitates the commercialization of blockchain applications as well as the exchange of information among enterprises, communities and developers.

4. YAO Network Ecosystem Incentive

As a self-driven ecosystem, YAO Network catalyzes the rapid development of the entire ecology by introducing a model of the token economy. YAO can function as a token for value circulation, contribution incentives and community governance in the ecosystem. It can also be flexibly used in many scenarios such as encouraging blockchain service providers to offer better blockchain products and services or facilitating the development of blockchain applications by communicating customers’ needs to the network of blockchain developers.

By adopting the token-incentive model, YAO Network comprehensively considers various parameters and provides dynamic incentive for users so as to maintain its healthy and stable development for all to enjoy.

Despite being a new generation of blockchain cloud service platform, YAO Network has demonstrated a strong foundation in the workings of technology with underlying access and application and product development tools.

By introducing different technical services, business support and platform incentives for blockchain communities, application developers and enterprise users, YAO Network is set to go against the blockchain grain, creating a complete ecological loop for the development and commercialization of blockchain technology.

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