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Bitcoin Community Reacts to Russia’s Criminalization of Undeclared Crypto Activity

Bitcoin is not welcome in Russia. The Central Bank of Russia, this year, put in place legislation that bans the issuance and circulation of...

NASDAQ-listed companies purchased 38,000 BTC, and institutional trading activity surged

Transaction activity in the institutional market is still much lower than that of cryptocurrency retail platforms such as Coinbase. Original title: "...

Uniswap Activity Sends Ethereum Gas Fees Sky High

The issue of high Ethereum gas prices isn’t going away anytime soon. Just last month, total daily fees on the Ethereum network managed to...

Bitcoin Address Activity Points to Ongoing Trend Reversal

Bitcoin’s fundamental strength has been growing in recent weeks, which is starting to be reflected in its price action. After an extended bout of technical...

Ethereum Options activity suggests nothing else can be trusted

There is no lack of development in the Ethereum community at the moment. However, while Ether’s value is soaring, the network has become the...