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Why Lightning Network has a ‘lot of zeros to add’ in terms of volume

One can’t deny that a lot of hopes are riding on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Some influencers in the field have gone so far...

Cat Doge Coin surpasses 500 holders

Cat Doge Coin today announced that its token (CATDOGE) has surpassed 500 holders. The token is retaining a low market cap, which reveals great...

Footprint’s blockchain analytics make it possible to predict the next DeFi explosion

Footprint makes it easy for anyone to analyze and visualize billions of blockchain transactions—here’s why that might change crypto investing. Blockchain technology has been a...

Viewpoint: Why should crypto investment be DAOized?

The DAO structure is most beneficial to investment, or it will overturn the existing landscape of asset management. Written by: AladdinDAO Compiler: Perry...

Does this explain this analyst’s decision to not add to existing ETH position

Speaking at a recent event, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that he had ETH, BTC, and DOGE. Needless to say, as of 23 July,...
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