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Is there a lot of ‘catch-up potential’ in Bitcoin as hedge against inflation

‘Bitcoin vs Gold‘ – which one is a better option for investment? This is indeed one of the most common questions asked across financial institutions...

Ethereum achieves this against Bitcoin for the first time in Coinbase’s nine-year history

Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchange platforms received mixed reactions from the community after it went public. Coinbase’s is built almost entirely...

 Why is Cardano the primary hedge against Ethereum for this analyst

Bitcoin has been slumping to a lower level lately, having failed to sustain itself consistently over the $32k mark. Likewise, Ethereum dropped by almost 15%...

How a drop in this Bitcoin metric can work in its favor

Yet another week followed by yet another incessant range-bound movement and seemingly tougher highs and lows for Bitcoin that sharply impacted the king coin’s...

Japan: FSA reportedly warns Binance against operating without a license

Japan is considered by some to be the home of Bitcoin’s founder Satoshi Nakamoto, thanks to the famous pseudonym. Ergo, it is not a...
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