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Review of mandatory white papers and disclosures when issuing domestic coins… “De facto ICO...

The obligation to issue domestic cryptocurrencies will be strengthened. On the 23rd, Money Today reported exclusively that the Financial Services Commission is...

Increased Dai price allowed Compound (COMP) liquidator to earn $4 million

The crypto price correction that took place this Thursday had unforeseen consequences on DAI. One Compound liquidator managed to earn $4 million from a DAI...

Chilean shipping firms allowed to create a blockchain platform

Nine shipping companies from Chile teamed up to create a blockchain-based platform for shipping. The country's FNE just approved the project, and the firms can...
JPMorgan Chase April 13

JPMorgan allowed ConsenSys to acquire Quorum and enhance it

ConsenSys recently acquired JPMorgan's platform, Quorum. The acquisition comes as part of the bank's investment in the blockchain firm. ConsenSys will work on enhancing the platform...
btc options trading

Bitcoin is allowed in China to an extent

Bitcoin cannot be used as a currency in China, but it is still not illegal. A non-profit organization, the Beijing Arbitration Commission, explained what Bitcoin...
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