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South Korean government set to bring the blockchain to its citizens

The government has pledged to offer Ksign £0.98 million to develop a contact-free platform. The platform will support video conferencing and electronic payment. Before this project,...

South Korean gov pledges to bring blockchain voting into people’s homes

The Blockchain frenzy in South Korea has now reached the housing sector, with the national government pledging $1.27 million in funding for a blockchain-based...

Three of Australia’s “big four” banks bring bank guarantees on blockchain

Three of the “big four” Australian banks are forming a new company called Lygon to digitize bank guarantees using blockchain technology.  Bank guarantees are an...

Out With the Old: Blockchain to Bring Transparency to Recycling Sector

Although recycling may seem like a relatively simple concept, the plastics recycling supply chain proves otherwise. From understanding which plastics get recycled to determining...

Bitcoin Halving and Ethereum 2.0 Bring Big Changes for Crypto Miners

Although over two months have passed since the halving happened on the Bitcoin network, the crypto mining industry is still heaving from the frantic...