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Bitcoin bounces after weeklong ‘capitulation event’ results in $14.2B in losses

Crypto traders were greeted by green markets on May 24 as the majority of altcoins saw their prices bounce back following last week's downturn...

This Crypto Fund Manager Claims Bitcoin Drop Was “Capitulation”

It’s widely believed that even experts can only identify capitulation after it’s already happened. The thing is, in regulated markets, unscrupulous Billionaires/ Bond villains...

Corporate Capitulation: Is Ripple’s Buyback A Sign Of XRP Struggles?

XRP continues to be one of the most disappointing and dormant altcoins in the cryptocurrency market, three years running. The recent Bitcoin rally has...

Bitcoin Hash Ribbons Trigger Rare Bull Market Capitulation Signal

An important fundamental health signal of the Bitcoin network just crossed into “capitulation” territory, which in the past was associated with downside risk. However,...

Trader Warns Of “Capitulation Volume” And “Heavy Downside” Across DeFi

The DeFi space rose to incredible heights all throughout 2020 but could have come to a roaring peak over the summer months. Assets like...
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