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The Encrypted Messaging Dilemma: Balancing Censorship and Freedom

Encrypted messaging services have always presented a tough challenge for government agencies all over the world. On one hand, they allow for freedom of...

Fed-Up Bitcoin Community Favors Censorship on Twitter

By CCN: In a recent Twitter poll by previous Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song, blockchain advocates overwhelmingly voted (54%) in favor of suspending the @Bitcoin handle for fraud. Only 30% of voters think that the handle should be “left alone.” And less than 10% believe that Twitter should shadowban the account.Source: Jimmy Song/TwitterThe Controversial Twitter HandleThe…

Activists Use Crypto to Protect ‘Rap Against Dictatorship’ from Government Censorship

Anti-government activists in Thailand are using crypto tech to help prevent authorities from censoring “Rap Against Dictatorship,” a controversial music video that has gone viral in the country. The video, which excoriates Thai government and military authori…