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Core Developer Says Ethereum 2.0 is Tantalizingly Close

It feels like Ethereum 2.0 is taking an eternity to rollout. But, following months of testnet runs, it finally looks as though Phase 0...

BitMex awards its last developer grant to a Bitcoin scalability solution from MIT

BitMex's 100x Group has awarded its last Bitcoin development grant of the year. The company has awarded a grant valued at $40,000 to Calvin...

Grin Price Up Over 11% as Former Developer Tests ASIC Miner

Grin (GRIN), a major privacy-focused cryptocurrency, is apparently no longer resistant to mining with Application-Specific Integrated Circuits — or ASICs — according to a...

Chainlink (LINK) introduces developer support program

Chainlink is rapidly growing and the teams building on it need the grant program. The latest program of Chainlink will accelerate the growth on the...

Bitcoin SV ‘Educates’ China’s Largest Developer Community

Bitcoin SV’s Bitcoin Association has launched a ‘Bitcoin SV Developer Zone’ in partnership with the Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN). CSDN is the largest developer...