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Citiesabc Interviews Anndy Lian, Thought Leader: Bridging Blockchain Between Business & Governments

Citiesabc interviews Anndy Lian, an Inter-Governmental Blockchain Adviser, Book Author and Investor. Anndy Lian is a global thought leader and an all-rounded...

Global Governments Look to Blockchain & Crypto! Ethereum 2.0 Testnet

World Governments eye #Blockchain as Dollar’s Power Wanes, Says Ripple CEO | Ethereum Twitter Giveaway & Updates | Crypto.com CRO and MCO...

National Governments Around The Globe Look To Embrace Blockchain

The logo of the "Petro" is displayed next to images of Venezuelan late President Hugo Chavez (L) and ... [+] Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in a building in downtown Caracas, on September 21, 2018. - Six months after Venezuelan cryptocurrency petro, with which the government of Maduro seeks to evade financial sanctions from the US,…