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Grayscale’s Litecoin-Based Asset Sees Wild Premium Swings

Grayscale's LTCN asset, boasting publicly quoted over-the-counter shares, currently trades far above the price of Litecoin (LTC) — its underlying asset. At press time, Litecoin...

Grayscale Brings Altcoins to Over-the-Counter Trading

Grayscale Investments, the asset manager behind the world’s largest Bitcoin trust, announced that its Bitcoin Cash Trust and Litecoin Trust are eligible for deposit...

Grayscale Investments Enjoys Its Best Week Ever After National Ad Blitz

Grayscale Investments had its best fundraising week in history following an ad blitz on a number of major television networks. According to the company’s...

‘This Ad Is S***’: Bitcoiners on Grayscale’s New TV Spot

Amid sky-high expectations, the latest television ad from Grayscale Investments has proven a disappointment to many Bitcoiners. The 30-second ad is running on business and...

Grayscale’s SEC filing could boost interest of institutional investors

As the financial environment around the world changes, the world of cryptocurrencies has become even more inviting to many investors. Many players in the...