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Why Cardano (ADA) Founder Predicts Big Ecosystem Growth in 2021

IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson shared his prediction for the future of the Cardano ecosystem, in which he sees a project rivaling Ethereum in terms...

Tokenization Holds the Key to Sustainable Platform Business Model Growth

Platform business models have become all but the de facto business model for the digital economy. This dependence means that unsustainable practices of platform...

tZERO Platform Sees 1,500% Growth, Lists ASPEN Token

Leading security token exchange tZERO has partnered with Aspen Digital Inc. to enable trade for Aspen’s digital security. The ‘ASPEN’ token, previously dubbed ‘Aspen Coin’,...

Bitcoin Targets $1T in Settlement in 2020 — Stablecoin Growth Explodes

Cryptocurrency public blockchains will settle more in 2020 than ever before and have already topped $1.3 trillion, data shows. Compiled by analytics firm Messari on...

CME Bitcoin Options Flatline After Record Growth in June

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