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Bitcoin RSI Moves Into Bull Market Territory, Here’s What Happens Next

Bitcoin price nearly set a new higher high and confirmed a bull trend. But before the leading cryptocurrency by market cap could set a...

NFT Wave: What happens when artworks encounter encryption algorithms?

Recently, the popularity of the DeFi market has gradually declined, various protocol machine gun pools have "rusted", mining revenue has declined, and capital has...

Bitcoin’s Black Swan: What Happens If The CFTC Targets Tether Next?

The unthinkable just happened: Bitcoin derivatives trading platform BitMEX is being targeted by the CFTC for a variety of charges, and the company’s CTO...

Bitcoin retail traders have a lot to lose if this happens

MicroStrategy’s $500M investment in Bitcoin, now its primary asset reserve, has consistently made the headlines for over a week. Significantly, this move was viewed...

For Some Reason, Wash Trading Happens on Decentralized Exchanges Too

Decentralized exchanges are generally liked for their transparency and lack of custody, reducing the trust requirements in their operators. Many centralized exchanges have been caught...