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Ethereum: Why ‘we still haven’t seen anything yet’

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, has been actively forging a new path as it loses correlation from Bitcoin. This has resulted in the value of...

Cardano: ‘I guess you haven’t been paying attention’

Cardano is in an interesting yet crucial transition phase and on the verge of becoming a smart contract compatible blockchain with the Alonzo upgrade...

Saylor Says You Haven’t Missed The Bitcoin Boat

Bitcoin is up more than 200% since mid-December and is hovering around $57k. The cost now feels like an insurmountable hurdle to breach for...

Bitcoin hits all-time high against gold as haven battle rages

Bitcoin price claimed another all-time high on Friday, this time against gold, offering further confirmation that demand for digital assets is on the rise.  As...

💎 5 Low Cap Altcoin Gems: Safe Haven, Frontier, Linear Finance, Effect.ai, Bluzelle

Altcoin Buzz and AAX Exchange $200 Bitcoin Giveaway | Safe Haven (SHA) | Frontier (FRONT) | Linear Finance (LINA) | Effect.ai (EFX)...
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