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AllMedia Coin (AMDC), ‘Token Burn’ Official announcement… Token Economy Improvement

Decision to burn 50% of issued coins '24.5 billion Blockchain-based real-life payment platform AllmediCoin (AMDC) has decided to burn 24.5 billion coins,...

#DeFi Day: ETH Improvement Plan Update!

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Is there room for improvement in the gas consumption of Ethereum DeFi?

Now that the value of DeFi has been discovered, people's trading activity has greatly increased, and the price of Gas has also risen. Each...

The most noteworthy Ethereum improvement proposals in 2021

2021 will be the most innovative year for the Ethereum protocol since 2016. The following is the EIP situation that deserves attention this year:...

Parachain test network Rococo V1 is launched, learn about the new version of the...

Rococo V1 includes a parachain mechanism for the first time. Parachain slots will be launched when technology permits and will be allocated on a...