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OKEx, BitTorrent·1 Inch·The Graph·Kusama ‘Infinite Futures Trading Service’ support

Global digital asset exchange OKEx (OkX) is through the official website of 1 inch (1INCH), BitTorrent (BTT), The Graph (GRT), Kusama (KSM)...

Is 1inch a good buy at the moment?

1Inch, the governance token of the decentralized exchange with the same name, outperformed the market in the past 24 hours with its resilience to...

1inch’s “mystery” operation

1inch, who was just regarded as a big money owner, quickly came out. On the morning of December 29, in the Telegram group, some...

1inch completes the airdrop, DeFi traders receive up to 20 million US dollars

On Friday, the decentralized transaction aggregation service released its governance tokens, and the most trader received tokens worth about $20 million in airdrops. ...

DeFi star 1inch elaborated on governance token model and instant governance

With the release of 1INCH token, 1inch Network will be managed by DAO. Original title: "1INCH Token Official Release"Written by: 1inch team The independent...