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A “TD9” Sell Indicator Triggers For XRP After 6 Weeks of Stagnance

XRP continues to lag behind the rest of the market after a short-lived glimmer of hope brought prices to current levels in late July....

Cosmos Jumps 38%–Textbook Indicator Points to 70% Price Rally

Cosmos’s native token ATOM has surged more than 38 percent in the last five days, validating a textbook technical indicator that now predicts additional...

This On-Chain Indicator Signals Bitcoin May Soon Go Parabolic

Bitcoin’s price action has been largely favoring sellers throughout the past several days and weeks, with bulls unable to catalyze any strong momentum while...

Technical analysis Filecoin mining core indicator “single T income”

Modeling based on SpaceRace historical data, derives a simple trend of single-T revenue similar to the network status background. Original title: "Filecoin's...

URGENT!! STOCKS TO CRASH IN SEPTEMBER!! (Warren Buffet Indicator) Bitcoin Mania 2020, Altcoins

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