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DeFi insurance: insurance or investment?

Summary of main points The high risk of early maritime freight gave birth to an early insurance agreement with high risk and high return....

Is DeFi insurance insured or investment? Talking from the decentralized insurance mechanism

Compared with traditional insurance, DeFi insurance is more like a participant's "bet" on whether a security incident occurs, making its investment attributes even exceed...

Nexus Mutual reshapes insurance logic

The insurance market in DeFi is not only not to be ignored, but also extremely large. Chainlink brings a credible and decentralized real token...

Nexus Mutual founder’s wallet stolen $8.3 million, DeFi insurance is not insurance?

Recently, the decentralized insurance protocol Cover Protocol is gaining momentum. It has both the aura blessing of Yearn.finance founder Andre Cronje (AC) and the...

Is insurance “not insured”? Viewing DeFi under Technology Neutrality from the Attack of NXM

The hacker attack this time was unexpected. The target of the attack was Hugh Karp, the founder of Nexus Mutual (NXM) himself. Nexus Mutual...
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