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EOS, IOTA, Compound Price Analysis: 24 October

EOS was trading above a level of support on the charts, but buying volumes for the crypto-asset were falling. Further down the crypto-ladder, IOTA...

IOTA is building a ‘faster horse’ with Chrysalis, claim Founders

During a recent AMA with IOTA’s founders, Dominik Schiener and David Sonstebo shared some insights for the community and the larger crypto-space concerning IOTA’s...

Litecoin, IOTA, VeChain Price Analysis: 23 October

The last five days have been very bullish for the crypto-market, with the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, pumping by over 15% over the aforementioned...

October update: should you buy or sell IOTA?

The price of IOTA currently stands around $0.278 which is still far away from the IOTA price predictions IOTA has a very good risk/reward ratio...

IOTA announces new updates ahead of Chrysalis Phase 2

Another update disclosed by IOTA’s development team has revealed news of several existing projects being deployed, as well as many other noteworthy projects in...