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Amid IRS bounty and competitor progress, Monero developers ship a major update

First announced in September, Monero developers today went live with a network update featuring a new version of its node software, codenamed 'Oxygen Orion.'...

Despite Daily Transactions Peaking IRS Scare Tactics Have Monero Investors Spooked

Privacy coin Monero presses on full steam ahead as its daily transaction count reaches all-time highs. Data from bitinfocharts.com shows the daily number of...

The IRS to enforce stricter rules for crypto exchanges

TIGTA's audit discovered that the IRS struggles to identify crypto users, which reduced tax compliance to 45%. The IRS was requested by TIGTA to introduce...

The US IRS agency adds crypto questions to tax forms

US tax agency, the IRS, is taking the next step in an attempt to get people to report their crypto earnings. The IRS released a...

Monero (XMR) workgroup urges the IRS to study XMR

Per XMR’s spokesperson, the IRS should focus on building XMR instead of trying to destroy it. According to XMR’s workgroup, the US Dollar is also...