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JPMorgan note to clients endorses 1% allocation to Bitcoin as a hedge

Strategists at Wall Street banking giant JPMorgan have suggested that a one percent portfolio allocation to Bitcoin would serve as a hedge against fluctuations...

JPMorgan “Do not expect to bet on Bitcoin like Tesla”

Big bank JPMorgan evaluated that the US, Inc., is not bold enough to follow Tesla's bitcoin investment. Although Tesla has been leading the...

Severe Liquidity Shock Ahead for Bitcoin Market, Warns JPMorgan

A piece of excerpt allegedly taken from a JPMorgan & Chase’s report is warning its clients about a potential “liquidity shock” in the Bitcoin...

JPMorgan Chase executives comment on stablecoin regulation and crypto payment competition

In the JP Morgan Chase's fourth quarter 2020 results conference call, regarding the OCC's recent approval of banks to use stablecoins for payment, and...

JPMorgan Predicts $146K Bitcoin, US Regulator Says Banks Can Use Stablecoins

Find out why JPMorgan analysts predict bitcoin could be worth $146,000. Plus, a U.S. regulator says banks can use stablecoins, crypto firms...