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‘Ditching’ PoW will benefit miners per ‘least disruptive’ solution by Ripple’s Chris Larsen

Mining for Bitcoin is a highly intensive process. It involves heavy computing to verify transactions. The energy demand for mining Bitcoin has grown significantly...

Why Solana and Polkadot Have Been The Least Impacted By The Crypto Crash

Research firm Messari published a report on the performance of 5 sectors in the crypto industry after the recent crash. Written by Roberto Talamas,...

What is the US dollar backed by? Bitcoin is at least backed by ‘something’

Former acting comptroller of United States Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Brian Brooks was in the news today as he shared his...

Bitcoin annual revenue, at least ’10 times more than all other assets’ previously

It has been confirmed that Bitcoin's annual revenue has been at least 10 times ahead of all asset classes over the past...

Why you should own at least 0.0025 Bitcoin

When I started writing this article at 10 am GMT on Thursday, February 6, 2020, according to data from worldmeters.com, it is estimated that...
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