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Is Bitcoin’s legal tender status causing ‘currency chaos’ in El Salvador

Days after El Salvador became the world’s first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, it hasn’t garnered an endorsement from many crypto proponents....

Defi: Here’s why it’s necessary to minimize legal and financial risks

Regulating Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies has already been a difficult task for regulators worldwide. Now, the addition of decentralized protocols has only added...

Ukraine: New bill might soon make it ‘quite legal to pay with cryptos’

While many countries are trying to ban cryptocurrencies due to economic concerns, Ukraine has taken a positive step towards legalizing cryptocurrencies. According to the...

From a legal perspective, discuss the creative nature, evidence validity and casting rights of...

The combination of NFT and program can realize different forms of authorization and permission through technical means.

Bitcoin as legal tender – Paraguay follows El Salvador’s lead

South American nation, Paraguay, has proposed a bill that will legally recognize Bitcoin (BTC/USD) as its official currency. The move is coming after El...
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