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Congress weighs crypto payments and fintech lending in hearing today

In a hearing on Tuesday, the Congressional Fintech Task Force heard arguments on new rules that would potentially expand banking regulations to accommodate more...

Depth: Balance and Break: Investigating the PayPal Model of “Lending Brother”

The borrowing brother PayPal Finance’s 300 million US dollars of borrowing volume, only about 100 million comes from customers, it is actually the...

A 5-minute overview of Teller’s unsecured lending services

Teller Finance is a blockchain lending application that uses novel open source credit risk algorithms to provide unsecured lending services. The Teller protocol...

Crypto lending rates are low and DeFi is not competition says Nexo co-founder

Much has been said about attractive interest rates offered by popular crypto lending platforms like BlockFi, Celsius Network and Nexo. However, there are two...

Is Babel, China-based crypto-lending giant, in deep trouble?

China-based Babel Finance has been a prominent crypto-lending company for a while now. However, it has been in troubled waters recently. The trouble, in...