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Facebook’s cryptocurrency #Libra, explained

What is Libra? Its an excellent book by Don DeLillo, the American master. Published in 1988, it is a fictional account of the life of Lee Harvey Oswald, President John F. Kennedys eventual assassin. Its better than White Noise but not as good as Underworld. …

Honest Opinions About #Facebook #Libra #Cryptocurrency

By CCN Markets: Maybe you heard the news? Facebook is launching a cryptocurrency called Libra. Cue the endless tweet-storms and Medium posts and think-pieces! Here are some of the most important comments from regulators, blockchain experts, finance analysts, regulators, and Facebook executives themselves. Bitcoin community on Facebook cryptocurrency The crypto community is split over Facebook’s…

#Facebook confirms it will launch a #cryptocurrency called Libra in 2020

Image: Facebook Facebook is finally ready to talk about its blockchain plans. Following numerous reports unraveling its upcoming announcement in detail, the company today said that its in-development global cryptocurrency, called Libra, will launch next year…