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Bi-tweet dialogue: How Loopring Protocol plans to expand Ethereum and reduce costs

As (ETH) breaks through $1,000, Ethereum is becoming more and more congested, and the price continues to rise, making Gas fees soar. A Defi...

Hegic, Loopring, and FTX Token surge higher as Bitcoin price recovers

Bitcoin price may have taken a temporary breather but the sharp correction below $30,000 did little to dismay the bullish sentiment of crypto market...

ETHEREUM to $5000!! Bitcoin Giveaway + Loopring LRC, Ren Protocol, Crypto.com

Ethereum on Moon Mission! | $200 BTC giveaway with AAX | LoopRing LRC | Blockchain Interoperability Surges as Multichain Available on Ren...

CitiBank Predicts $318,000 Bitcoin! | Litecoin LTC, ShareRing SHR, Zilliqa ZIL, LoopRing LRC

Citibank Exec Bitcoin Price Prediction | Billionares enter Bitcoin and Crypto | Sharering Updates | Why is SHR so bullish | Zilliqa...

MAJOR DEFI NEWS! Chainlink, Ren Protocol, Aave, Tomochain, Zilliqa, Loopring, TrustSwap, iExec RLC

Chainlink Activity off the Charts | $100k renBTC volume on Loopring | renBTC Liquidity Mining on Loopring Exchange | Pillar Wallet allows...