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Here’s why crypto-insurance markets have scope

When it comes to Bitcoin versus the state, crypto-enthusiasts are always looking for guidance via clear regulations. To their delight, at least in some...

Bitcoin effect: Understanding the ‘giant paradigm shift’ in markets

Galaxy Digital founder Mike Novogratz has noticed “something different” going on with the crypto markets overall. Tweeting on 4 March, the Bitcoin maximalist believed...

Viewpoint: Professional traders need liquidity in the global crypto market, not multiple trading markets

The cryptocurrency trading market is in a highly fragmented state, and it is difficult for traders to obtain global liquidity and price discovery. Written...

‘Markets want Bitcoin and digital dollar as reserve currency’

In his latest market insight, Senior Commodity Strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, Mike McGlone said that financial markets may now want to replace US Dollar...

Ripple, New Home in Wyoming… ‘Ripple Markets’ Business registration

It doesn't seem like the relocation of the headquarters Ripple Labs, a blockchain-based payment company, has set a new ground in Wyoming. ...