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Is Bitcoin’s stability a sign of its maturity? Blockchain.com co-founder agrees

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a fair share of volatility within the past several weeks, with some crypto-asset shedding as much as 40% with...

Asia Pacific records USD11.6 billion in fintech investment, with China’s fintech sector showing maturity,...

HONG KONG, Feb. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Fintech companies in Asia Pacific attracted USD11.6 billion across 565 deals from venture capital, private equity and M&A...

Blockchain is still far from maturity, says China’s former IT minister

Wu Zhongze, China's former vice-minister for Science and Technology and a well-known digital economics expert, believes that blockchain technology is still quite young. During an...
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Specialization, strategic optimization, and mergers and acquisitions, reviewing the maturity of the “Super Predator”

Cryptocurrency exchanges are maturing through team professionalization and business strategy optimization, but they will eventually face the Thucydides trap, inevitably contending with traditional...

Maturity of the Crypto Derivatives Market Attracting More Institutional Investors

In a Cointelegraph China Great Bay Area International Blockchain Week pre-event interview on July 29, Ben Zhou, CEO of derivative exchange Bybit, argued that...
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