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Metaverse platform division introduces Blue Gel Oracle solution

On the 14th, the NFT asset-based metaverse platform, Division Network, announced on the 14th that it will introduce Bluzelle's Oracle solution. Division...

Metaverse governance

Blockchain Republic (ROB-RepublicOfBlockchain)⑦ Crypto Valley Lab Co., Ltd. / KOK Foundation CEO Young-gyu Choi ◇ Reality and chaos Metaverse's core technologies include various...

Focused support in five areas including the government and blockchain metaverse

The Task Force (TF) team took its first step to discover and support new technology-based industries in response to rapid changes in the...

VICTORIA VR Creates a Living, Breathing VR Metaverse on Blockchain

Virtual Reality is one of the fastest-growing markets currently valued at over $6 billion and set to reach $62 billion by the end of...

Metaverse Platform Division, Opensea limited edition NFT character auction started

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) characters issued by Division Network, a metaverse platform based on NFT assets, will be registered at OpenSea, the world's...