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Ethereum promotes the prosperity of NFT, but NFT needs more economical infrastructure

Dapper Labs, the creator of obsessive cats, has developed a public chain Flow tailored for NFT. Original title: "An article to understand...

Before DeFi takes off, the blockchain needs to go first?

Commentary: In the current DeFi field, more than 200 projects are engaged in the development of various decentralized financial products and services. However,...

Bitcoin Needs to Bounce Here Or It May Not Be a “Proper Bull Market”

Bitcoin has resumed its descent to the downside as legacy markets have opened in the red once again. The leading cryptocurrency has been flirting...

Here’s the Key Level Bitcoin Needs to Break to Extend Its Macro Momentum

Bitcoin has seen some mixed price action throughout the past several days and weeks, struggling to garner any sustained buying pressure as its price...

Gemini CEO reveals what needs to happen for BTC to hit $500k

Bitcoin could someday overtake gold and similar safe-haven assets, according to Tyler Winklevoss. When this happens, he predicts that the coin's price might surge to...