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Nvidia doesn’t want to give up its 2017 ‘crypto craze’ docs

The legal representatives of technology company Nvidia have argued that its investors are not entitled to access its internal records about the “crypto craze”...

5 Years In, Ethereum Network Growth Echoes Nvidia’s Pre-2016 Bull Run

In July 2016, a mere four years ago, Nvidia was a $26-billion company focused on GPU chips and graphic card production. In comparison, the...

NVIDIA Unveils AI Platform to Minimize Downtime in Supercomputing Data Centers

NVIDIA Mellanox UFM Cyber-AI Platform Detects Security Threats, Predicts Network Failures and Guides Predictive Maintenance NVIDIA Mellanox UFM Cyber-AI...

NVIDIA Sued For Misrepresenting $1 Billion Of Cryptocurrency Product Revenue

A miner inspects a setup in Sichuan, China in September, 2016. (Image Credits: Chinafile) A couple of years back graphics processing unit designers Advanced Micro Devices Inc (NASDAQ:AMD)  and NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) witnessed their GPU products experience unprecedented sales boom courtesy of the cryptocurrency mining boom. The companies' products, originally designed to serve the needs…