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Nimiq OASIS: Making cryptocurrency accessible, usable, and secure for everyone

Nimiq is a non-profit and open source project founded by some, developed by many and owned by none. It is a community-driven...

China’s national blockchain network adds Polkadot, Oasis and Bityuan support

China-based blockchain infrastructure provider, Blockchain Service Network or BSN, which is backed by the Chinese Government, today announced that it has added major blockchain...

Understanding the blockchain privacy track competition pattern: PlatON, Oasis Labs and Ethereum

The competition for the privacy track is still in progress. At present, PlatON, Oasis Labs and Ethereum are the hopeful winners. Original title: "Privacy...

OASIS Oasis OTC platform officially launched the global investment plan

1. Platform introduction: Oasis is a decentralized platform that provides over-the-counter transactions of digital assets. The platform has securities trading and digital currency trading...

Oasis Network mainnet launches touting privacy for loans and genomes

Oasis Labs has announced the successful launch of its Oasis Network mainnet, with more than 70 independent validators already live. Oasis is a privacy-focused layer-one...
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