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BNY Mellon, the oldest US bank plans to start offering crypto services

BYN Mellon, a New York-based banking giant has announced that it would soon start offering various services for Bitcoin (BTC), among other cryptocurrencies. A...

An Overview of BitKong, PlayHub’s Oldest Gaming Site

Launched in 2015, BitKong falls under the PlayHub banner and is the oldest of the company’s three gaming sites, with LuckyDice and SimpleDice being...

Oldest Bitcoin mining pool ‘immortalizes’ bullish Reuters headline

Slush Pool, the world’s oldest mining pool, put a Reuters headline about Bitcoin’s 2020 bull run in a block on Dec. 2. “Dollar plummets on U.S. stimulus hopes; Bitcoin...

Tencent Builds Blockchain Platform for China’s Oldest Wine Producer

Chinese tech giant Tencent has revealed its plan for creating a blockchain-based wine traceability platform in collaboration with Changyu, China’s biggest and oldest wine...

The Origins of the World’s Oldest Bitcoin Metric, Explained

The concept of bitcoin days destroyed (BDD) was introduced in 2011, two years after the creation of the world’s first cryptocurrency, bitcoin. People were already...