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BitDAO raises $230 million through a Peter Thiel-led funding round

Decentralised autonomous organisation BitDAO has secured $230 million (£164.88 million) through a funding round led by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel. Thiel-founded companies Pantera Capital,...

OneOf raises $63M for new Green NFT platform for musicians

Sustainable technology company OneOf has raised $63 million in seed funding to finance its new Green NFT platform for musicians, offering further evidence that...

Bit.Country Raises $4 Million in Seed Investments to Let Users Build Their Own Metaverses

Bit.Country, a platform specifically designed for allowing users to create personalized metaverses, has received $4 million in investments during its first funding round. Among...

NFT Alley Raises $1M USD To Build India’s First Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace

NFT Alley, a new marketplace to launch India’s first multi-chain marketplace within the virtual economy, has successfully secured funding from the top-tier investors within...

Concordium Raises $36 Million to Launch MainNet by June.

Concordium, a privacy-focused blockchain, has just completed its fourth funding round in which the firm raised $36 million; this pushed the valuation of the...
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