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Rumors of DeFi’s demise have been greatly exaggerated: weekly recap

DeFi projects have been dominating headlines as of late, and the unexpected departure by a high-profile founder had ripple effects throughout crypto markets. Here...

A recap of last week’s ‘DeFi Marathon’ hosted by CT China

Cointelegraph China’s DeFi Marathon invited global DeFi projects, venture capitalists, and influential individuals to join a three-day online decentralized finance themed event, from Sep....

Perfect storm leads to big sell-off for Bitcoin and DeFi: Weekly recap

Digital asset markets were on a parabolic surge until investor confidence took a major hit to close out the week with a bearish tilt...

Social Media Is Democracy’s Faultline: The Breakdown Weekly Recap

From PayPal crypto confirmed to action in central bank digital currencies, these were six themes shaping the week. On this edition of the Weekly Recap,...