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The New Planned EU Regulation on Crypto Assets (Online Panel)

TOPIC The New Planned EU Regulation on Crypto Assets (Online Panel) SPEAKERS 1. Moderator: Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner (Head of Frankfurt School Blockchain Center) 2. Dr. Joachim Schwerin...

A minster’s look at regulation and innovation: A necessity to strike a balance

Repeatedly, proponents of disruptive technologies have proven that regulation and innovation have an immense potential to actualize a mutually beneficial existence. The often delicate...

Stablecoin regulation can be U.S’s masterplan against China’s E-Yuan

The importance of this current week has been fairly downplayed. Years down the line, the global payments system might look back at this particular...

Booming African crypto adoption drives concerns over regulation

2020 has seen an acceleration in African crypto adoption, with the continent emerging as the second-largest region for peer-to-peer (P2P) trading, and two African...

EU to see comprehensive crypto regulation by 2024

The European Union, or EU, plans to incorporate crypto and blockchain technology into its main processes by 2024.  Over the next four years, the economic...