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Ethereum 2.0 hype is here, but clarity still evades many

Ethereum has been one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and has managed to establish a place at the second spot with its market capitalization...
Russian FSB and central bank agree to outlaw crypto as means of payment

Cryptos are now legal in Russia, but still not a means of payment

Russian Duma has finally held the third and final reading of the crypto bill. The event resulted in passing the bill, thus giving cryptos a...

ETHEREUM PUSHING TO $500!!! (Still Undervalued) US GDP -32%, Historic Economic Collapse

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Door Still Open for Future ZEC Relisting, Liquid Exchange COO Says

After delisting privacy-focused asset Zcash (ZEC) in pursuit of regulatory compliance, Japanese exchange Liquid is not against a future relisting, pending regulatory clarity. “Regarding ZEC...
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Bitcoin: Is it still the risk asset it once was?

All these years, Bitcoin has been called different names, it has phased, morphed into being different things; from being an asset used in the...
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