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Three minutes to get started Polygon DeFi ecology: which protocols are worth trying?

The expansion of Ethereum has lived up to expectations. On Polygon, you can transfer funds between applications quickly and at almost zero cost. Original...

Binance gives up on trying to conquer the Korean market

Binance has been one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world for years, now. The platform constantly worked on expanding its ecosystem, either...

CZ terms report of Binance trying to evade US regulators as ‘Fud’

Basing its allegations on a “leaked document,” Forbes published a report today that claimed major crypto exchange Binance was “intentionally” deceiving US regulators. The...

50,000 people won the lottery, who is trying to adopt digital RMB red envelopes

Shenzhen's tens of millions of digital currency red envelopes were officially distributed. At 18:00 on October 12, the digital renminbi, which the whole people...
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