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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Resigns for ‘Crypto-Focused’

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has stepped down as Twitter CEO to focus on cryptocurrency. Doshi currently serves as CEO of Twitter and...

Dataverse/Metaverse Twitter Spaces: Speakers Camilo Echeverri; Borget Sebastien; Anndy Lian etc

Metaverse has been the talk of the town since Facebook’s decision to rebrand as Meta in October this year. However, the word...

Twitter fully embraces encryption technology, is the era of social media decentralization coming?

Twitter's newly formed encryption technology team will explore how to use encryption technology to inspire creators, improve user identity, and establish decentralized social media....

Twitter supports Bitcoin rewards. What impact will it have on the crypto industry?

Twitter’s Bitcoin reward function uses "satis" as the unit of valuation. Original title: "Twitter announced support for the Bitcoin Lightning Network, which is more...

Twitter CEO considers giving up his position at Twitter to engage in Bitcoin-related work

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that if Bitcoin needs more help than Square or Twitter, he will leave his energy and time to Bitcoin. ...
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